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matters of taste: Reinkenstraat

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The site for food lovers in The Hague and surroundings

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We are very proud: the whole site is now also available in English. Isabel Westerbeek our Smaakweb friend has translated everything for us, we are indebted to her!

Ever since we opened up our English version we have been inundated with emails and lots of new Smaakweb friends have subscribed to our newsletter. We now have 1000 subscribers and are striving to double that by the end of the year. So follow us via Twitter or like us on Facebook!! 

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the shops in the Reinkenstraat

The Reinkenstraat is fast becoming one of the most foody streets in The Hague. We started on the sweet side at Hans en Frans Hessing and tasted all the delicious sweet morsels without counting the calories.  A lot of chocolates, sweet little Petit fours. Of course they also have a wide selection of good bread, organic, sourdough, spelt etc etc. We chatted with the wife of Hans, who is the sister of Frans’wife….

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Indian desserts
Thuiskok Marjoleine de Vos who writes a column in the NRC got over her fear of Indian desserts thanks to the cookery book written by the rising star in London: Stevie Parle. He is the latest trendy chef, who cooks Italian, North African, Spanish and now also Indian and other exotic dishes.  Last year he won the prestigious Observer prize.  Marjoleine has tried out his Indian rice pudding with orange and cardamom.  You can also find this recipe on our website;  we are also going to try it out and are looking forward to hearing your experience. So let us know.  

Smaakweb in the press

Our English language website has been noticed by the press, we were mentioned in Wassenaarders.nl, Expats in The Hague, Expats in Wassenaar; and an nice article in Den Haag Centraal. 


A reliable source told us that Eko Plaza is coming to the Willem de Zwijgerlaan (in the old Video shop). As soon as we have more information we will let you know. But perhaps one of our Smaak friends knows more?

From another source – Smaak friend Joost: the Vlaamsch Broodhuys is becoming more popular. In the lunchroom and the bakery it is getting busier. Not very efficient if they only have one cash point (and you can’t pay cash). We feel they really should do something about that. 

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Then we moved on to La Mesa, where we found a warm welcome, to see how we could decorate our table. You should have a look at the Bunzlau tableware all hand painted! A nice shop with good brands. Also a webshop and workshops!

The Reinkenstraat has two butchers and we think they are both great! We had decided on lamb of which both have quite a selection. Both Scharrelslagerij 't Oude Ambacht and Van den Broek have lamb from The Netherlands, mainly so-called Texels lamb, not necessarily all raised on Texel though (would become rather full on the island).  In the past lambs were only born once a year but somehow they seem to manage to repeat the whole lambing process in the Autumn.

Peter (the son of ) butchered some lamb for us and explained all the different cuts. Of course this lamb has a quality mark so you can see its origin.

You can choose from many different cuts of lamb, such as sausages, chops, rack etc. Ensure that you keep the rack and chops nice and pink then it tastes best!

At Scharrelslagerij 't Oude Ambacht his son boned a lamb shoulder for us. They also have Dutch lamb in every shape and size.

The free range butcher supplies the meat for the new cookery and web shop Kruid& Druif, a new concept for Asian food with accompanying wines. You can choose what you want to make (from various taste elements) and Marlous de Bruijn gathers all the ingredients for you, so you do not have to go to another shop. They have vegetables and herbs and also the accompanying wine.  Marlous has made a study of the wines which are best suited to Asian food, so that is one thing you do not have to worry about. We tasted the Lok Lak en Rau Xao from Cambodja and  Vietnam. Highly recommended! 

We also passed by Valeri, where we saw Dutch asparagus, delicious.  Though we need some warmer weather for the price!

It was a shame we could not buy some fish, in the former shop of  La Maestra della Cucina there will soon be a fish shop called Blub.  We peeked in through the window and saw that they still have a lot of building work to do.  We will keep you informed!