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Vers uit de Gers

Kanaalweg 36

2584 CL Den Haag


Opening hours: on Saturdays and Wednesdays

This is not pink garlic but VIOLET! All the French in the Hague find their way to his shop and it is so popular that 50% of his stock is bought by them. We tasted paté with duck liver.  Not too salty, pleasant taste. Also a Portugese olive oil with a slight peppery taste. They also have good quality Piment d'Espelette. He also sells wines from Schutter and some he imports himself. Go and have a look yourself,  you will not be disappointed.

We can really recommend this little shop on the Kanaalweg.  Garlic from the Gers in France, the region where the owner, Ton Oosterhout, owns a house. The local producers are all represented in this shop: he has local paté, rillettes, sausages, honey and of course lots of garlic: that is how it all started.

A very small space, but lots to see

paté, rillettes, honey, sausages....

Ton Oosterhout with his 'ail violet'

Donato lunchroom

Van Hoytemastraat 22A

2596 ER Den Haag


opening hours: Monday 11.00-18.30, Tuesday-Friday

9.30-18.30, Saturday 9.30-17.30 hrs.

You can find this Italian deli on the corner of the Weissenbruchstraat. It looks both fresh and cozy, with an emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness. They have a few tables where you can have a bite to eat or just have a coffee. Of course the Italian Neapolitan espresso, cappuccino, café latte are perfect.  Further to the back of the shop there is a long counter and bar by the window where you can sit and read the papers.

The owners are Marije and Dario Donato. Dario has moved from Naples to The Hague and has brought the best products from that region with them. They have lots of different Panini also to take away.  Every day you will find fresh pasta dishes and deserts such as Tiramisu, Torta della Nonna etc. Of course they also sell many kinds of antipasti, cut meats and cheeses. These hospitable Italians also make special meat and fish dishes on a daily basis. We must not forget to mention their olive oil, pasta and wines.


Piet Heinstraat 20

2518 CH Den Haag


Opening hours: Monday: 13.00-17.30, Tuesday-Friday 9.00-17.30, Saturday 9.00-16.30 hrs.

Long before all the Dutch went to Italy on holiday, Francesco Cristofoli imported Italian products for his compatriots.  His son and now his granddaughter Fiorella have continued the tradition. They have a large assortment of produce you can only find in Italy: e.g. special types of pasta, Panforte and Sfoglie (special crackers). If you want to bake your own pizza, bread or biscuits they have various types of flour. They actually have a huge selection of pasta, also wholegrain which is not brown but light yellow. Fiorella’s fresh dishes are eye catching, all home made and high quality. She makes various types of stuffed pasta, aubergines etc. If you are a fan of truffles you should try the ravioli filled with truffle and mozzarella just sprinkle Parmigiano on top, delicious! You can find a number of recipes in her cookery book “Nonsoliricette” which is also sold in the shop.  They also have various types of Pecorino or the Testun al Barolo  - a cheese covered and ripened in the residue from the Barolo grapes.  Naturally they have various other Italian cheeses and olives.

Of course what we also find very important the service is friendly and they are very knowledgeable.


Odin BioDynamische Supermarkt

Aert van der Goesstrtaat 35-37

2582 AJ Den Haag

no website

Opening hours:Monday- Friday 8.30-18.00 hrs., Saturday until ......

Odin is een biodynamic and organic store.

We are pleased to say that also in this market the emphasis is on taste! The idea is that it is good for the earth and also tasty, what more do you want.  Also the prices are decreasing, nice example at Gaia a lemon costs 35 ct and at Jumbo you pay €2,25 for two organic lemons – who said small shops are expensive.

We go there for their vegetables, good tasty produce which you cannot find readily elsewhere.  When you go into the shop you are not immediately inspired, their image is a little stuffy but when you walk around and see all the produce you certainly never leave without buying something.  The vegetables look good and fresh and they have a wide selection; they have organic lemons, indispensible if you want to use the peel. They have what the season has to offer and it is very tasty and fresh. Try the quinoa, it is great and super healthy!

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