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The site for food lovers in The Hague and surroundings

Stijlslagerij Englebert

Goudsbloemlaan 83

Den Haag


opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 8.00-18.00 hrs.;

Saturday 8.00-16.30 hrs.

Engelbert is a butcher with a good assortment of domestic and foreign free range meat products. You can buy the best mixed mince: half LIVAR (Pork from the province of Limburg) and half beef: perfect.  Engelbert has LIVAR pork filet and chops and also a large pork rib and sometimes so-called porchetta.  He has Irish beef from the Meadow Meat and Simmentaler beef.  His beef rib eye rolled roast has won a special prize. Another of his specialties is lamb: in the Spring and Summer lamb from Texel and in the Autumn the Kempen lamb.

In addition Engelbert also caters, is a delicatessen and sells a selection of fine cheese from in- and outside the Netherlands. Every week he has a special offer for a stew with ingredients and recipe. We can also recommend the gnocchi and pasta such as ravioli.

Slagerij Waaijer

Frederik Hendriklaan  275

2582 CD Den Haag


opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00-18.00 hrs., Saturday 8.00-16.00 hrs.

This butcher on the Fred is well known in The Hague for his constant high quality.

In the recently renovated shop you can now find a larger assortment of meat and various ready made meals. We recently saw a small paper bag (French fries bag) with vitello tonnato … great idea!

Tip from Smaakweb: the beef and veal entrecôte.  Take a double amount for two people in one piece; then the meat will remain juicy. Before eating leave to rest in aluminium foil.  We can also recommend the sliced calf’s liver and various cuts of lamb. On Thursday he often has lambs kidneys (very cheap). Waaijer also has a good assortment of cold cuts which are freshly roasted daily and also his artisanal (home made) sausages.

Kwaliteitsslagerij Peter van den Broek

Obrechtstraat 177

2517 VS  Den Haag


opening hours: Monday 10.00-18.00, Tuesday - friday 8.00-18.00, Saturday 8.00-16.00 hrs.

Van den Broek - located on the corner of the Reinkenstraat and the Obrechtstraat.

Quote from Peter van den Broek: a good butcher is judged by his mince and his “leverworst” liverwurst. Well we can certainly agree with that.  But there is more. He told us enthusiastically about his own cattle. On his counter top we saw: côte de boeuf, veal and pork with the Good Farming quality mark and lamb from Texel.  He also has good free range chickens and tender duck breast.  On his facebook page he has listed 12 different kinds of paté.

He is very willing to give you a glimpse behind the counter where he has large storage fridges with good large cuts of meat such as his côte de boeuf and t-bone steak which he leaves to ripen for up to seven weeks.  Almost everything he has comes from his own kitchen: porchetta, pancetta, braised ham etc.

Offers & Offers

Frederik Hendriklaan 116

2582 BG  Den Haag


opening hours:

This butcher is famous for his sausage meat,  this came out best in a test by a panel of food lovers.  The Black Angus beef can now be found in many more good butchers in The Hague.  Offers has Black Angus stewing steak,  rib for stewing and ribeye.  It is really a lot better and guaranteed not treated with any hormones. You can also make a special detour for the Iberica (Spanish) pork!  Lovely meat with a good layer of fat and much more juicy than Dutch pork.  Though it comes at a price! Thankfully also the Dutch pork is of good quality. Offers has a supplier from Deurne (province of Brabant). Therefore,  he has a guaranteed and constant quality and he knows where and how the animals are reared.

A real specialty of Offers is the so-called “Brussels pikanterie” pressed cold meat, finely sliced great in a sandwich or for drinks a fat slice with a lick of good mustard!

Scharrelslagerij 't Oude Ambacht (free range butcher)

Reinkenstraat 10

2517 CV  Den Haag


opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00-19.00 hrs., Saturday 8.00-17.00 hrs.

You will find an enthusiastic team in this butcher in the Reinkenstraat. We bought the best Toulouse sausages ever! Regularly freshly made: with wine, parsley and garlic. An indispensible ingredient in the Cassoulet from Toulouse – see Rick Stein’s recipe. They also have meat from the Limousin. We bought stewing steak “sukade” for a fantastic stew.

He has a good selection of hams, boiled ham, Pata Negra and Parma – riped for 24 months.  On his counter you can usually find the robust Italian sausage: Soppressa and Salame al finocchi.  His Roast beef - which the Dutch use for their sandwiches - is steak and tastes delicious!

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