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Poeliersbedrijf  Ammerlaan

Aert van der Goesstraat 26

2582 AK  Den Haag

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opening hours: Monday 10:00-18:00, Tuesday - Friday 8:00-18:00, Saturday till 16.00 hrs.

Very well know shop in the “Statenkwartier” at the end of the Fred in the Aert van der Goesstraat beside the French Bakery.

Ammerlaan sells various kinds of poultry: Dutch Blauwhoender, French free range chicken (poulet noir), Bresse, corn fed chicken and coquelette or poussins. Of course they also have a large selection of game (pheasant, hare, partridge, wild boar) according to the season.

They have a good selection of pâtés and also rilettes from France. They have real fresh farmers butter, delicious for baking or frying. There is salted and unsalted both in 500 gram and good quality.

Poulet de Bresse and Poulet Noir:

The name Bresse is protected (POD) and only chicken which meets all the standards can be sold under this name.  The Poulet Noir – blackfoot is the best as far as we are concerned. They have been able to roam around in the fresh air. French chicken are reared in the best circumstances.

Blauwhoen chicken and Calicuth

These chickens are Dutch free range, organic and are a specialty of this shop.  They also sell Blauwhoender eggs they cost 0,50 eurocents but are really worth it – try them soft boiled delicious. They also have large eggs from Stompwijk and even with a double yolk.

Brama - Poelier
Luifelbaan 34
2242 KV - Wassenaar


Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8:30-18:00, Saturday 8:00-17:00 hrs.

The fourth generation of the Brama family is now working in this shop!  These professionals have a wealth of expertise in this area. They have all kinds of poultry and game:  corn fed chicken,  organic chicken, chicken from d’Yvon and from the Kempen the free range chicken.  We have only visited the shop a few times so if you have any experience you wish to share with us please let us know… contact

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