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Cheese & delicatessen
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The site for food lovers in The Hague and surroundings

Ed Boele

Fahrenheitstraat 625

2561 DC Den Haag


Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8.30-18.00 hrs.,

saturday 8.00-17.00 hrs.

This cheese shop in the Fahrenheitstraat is special; when you walk through the door it seems like a mini cheese supermarket.  Ed’s staff give you good advice about the cheeses on offer, the primi, tapas, the wine and port.

A lot of the cheese are ripened on the premises in special climate controlled fridges; the cheese you buy at Boele is therefore always perfect.

Ed also has cheese from the various Alpine regions: Austria (Heue cheese), Switzerland and Germany.  The mountain cheeses are a specialty of Boele, from the Jura, Savoie and Pyreneen region. For example a delicious Vacherin Mont dór; put it in the oven for a short while and spoon it out on to your French bread, delicious! Also very good:a large round Gorgonzola, of which the middle has been mixed with prosecco; with a bottle of prosecco next to it. The Gorgonzola ripens on the spot, delicious! Not always available but when it is, try it.

He has a good selection of farmers cheeses, they mention the origin of the cheese and even the name of the farmer and his wife.

In 2012 Ed Boele was winner of the best cheese shop in the Netherlands.


Bankastraat 12

2585 EN Den Haag


Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00 hrs., Saturday until 17.00 hrs.

Gransjean wine and delicatessen is a phenomenon. In this part of The Hague there are many expats and they can find everything there they would want. They offer many special cheeses selected by the owner himself.

We tasted several cheeses not found very often elsewhere. Delicious and we can recommend the Langres de Champenois; a strong little cheese in a little basket, good taste! Made in the mountain region of Langres in the Champagne-Ardennes.

Also the Rossa Robiola was special; soft raw milk goats cheese from the Piemonte. Because it has been ripened in cherry leaves it has a slightly sweater taste.  We can recommend it!

In their assortment of delicatessen you can always find something special: sausages, hams from the LIVAR pig,  Serrano and Parma ham.  Try the fennel or the truffle salami.  Also the nuts,  Leonidas chocolates, olives etc.

They have olive oil from various countries and import their own Balsamico.  They also carry various kinds of coffee and tea.

Since April they have sausages from the Brandt and Levie, we were immediately very enthusiastic.  Lavender, rosemary, fennel and lots more.

Alexanderhoeve Annelies van den Ende

Bankastraat 44

2585 EN Den Haag

website:  twitter@anneliesvdende

Opening hours: Monday-Saterday 9.00-18.00hrs.

While we were busy twittering we “bumped” into Annelies, super enthousiastic about a cheese trade fair she was visiting.  She is very active on the internet and also in her shop in the Bankastraat. Cheese displayed on shelves you can walk past, and fridges where you can choose the cheese yourself. 

Kaashuis Jan de Bruijn

van Hoytemastraat 48

2596 ES Den Haag


Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00 hrs., Saturday until 17.00 hrs., Sunday 8.00-13.00 hrs.

The window of “Kaashuis de Bruijn” entices you to come in with their delicious loaves piled high.  Various types of loaves, such as special German imported luxury bread. You can even buy fresh bread here on Sunday. Still it is mainly a place to buy cheese and they have that in abundance. For example the “Hoytema Pikant”,  armers cheese from Zegveld; and the large assortment of cheese from France, Spain, Italy and Belgium among which of course the Trappist.

In their selection of cut meats we saw exclusive hams and the French smoked Limousine.  We saw nicely presented game paté of about half a metre in size.  Also freshly roasted nuts and tapa’s. Around lunchtime they have delicious freshly made rolls for the lunch crowd.

A lot of foreign cheeses but also Dutch farmers cheese, cheese made with raw milk, goats cheese, cow milk cheese etc.

Really good Dutch goats cheese, among which some varieties from the “Landgoedkaas” which we can recommend.  She also has one with cumin, really special. Annelies has also invented the 'Madurodammertje' a cheese sold to tourists in Madurodam. This cheese is ripened for about three months and is still quite young.  It is only sold in Madurodam and in her shop.

Kaaswinkel Kroon

van Hoytemastraat 31

2596 EN Den Haag

Website: no website 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00 hrs., Saturday 8.00-17.00 hrs.

Carina B. advised us to go to Kroon Kaashandel and she especially recommended the cheeses, cut meats and roasted nuts. We were assisted by Sylvia and when we asked for some strong farmers cheese she recommended the Stolwijkse “kruimelkaas”. This was really what we wanted. Not to be confused with “brokkelkaas” because the Stolwijkse is a lot smoother (it has cream in it) and some crystals (salt).

Carina wrote: lovely mountain cheese from Tyrol 20+(low in fat and at last a low fat cheese with taste!). She also compliments the friendly and professional service. These are the kind of tips we like!

As far as the other foreign cheeses are concerned we must mention the Swiss cheese,  we saw a Beaufort de Savoie, available in other shops but here it was nicely ripened in their own riping cupboards. They also had a Gruyère ripened in a cave and lots of small goats cheeses e.g. with cranberries, or La Bouyguette with rosemary and the crottin de Chavignol from the Loire.

cheeses, ham and saucages with the riping cupboard in the back

soft goats cheeses

Brandt and Levie sausages


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